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Tax Law can be difficult to navigate, whether you’re concerned you or someone you share liability with has made a misstep, you’re facing an audit or you’ve received notices from the IRS. Right now you’re feeling embarrassed, anxious, and possibly even confused. You need an experienced  advocate.  Get ahead of the problem with confidential counsel and advice on how to get in compliance. Forsythe Tax Law will help you navigate complicated tax questions and gray areas. You have options.  Don’t face an audit alone. An experienced tax attorney at your side can help you navigate the issues you face and work with the IRS to find a solution.  We specialize in: 
  • Tax preparer defense
  • Payroll tax audits and problems
  • Tax debt
  • Tax litigation in bankruptcy court
  • Tax fraud and tax evasion
  • Tax litigation and tax controversy
  • Trust fund withholding issues
  • Cryptocurrency reporting
  • Foreign asset reporting
  • Joint return liability
  • Voluntary compliance
  • Sensitive audits
  • Preparer liability 
  • Conservation easement challenges
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The IRS can be intimidating. It is important to have someone protecting your interests. In some cases, the IRS’s agents and investigators may try to bully and scare you. On the other hand, they can also “befriend” acting as if they are there to help when really, they are trying to get you to make statements to use against you in a criminal proceeding. In either case, you shouldn’t face an IRS investigation without an attorney who is experienced in tax law.

A significant percentage of criminal tax cases are referred from what are originally civil audits. Attempting to navigate the complexities of tax law without an attorney can actually make your issues worse. Knowledge of the law and the system are vital. We work with our clients, providing them with clear explanations and making tax law clear and understandable to them.

What if my case is too big for one attorney to handle alone? Forsythe Tax Law has the knowledge and relationships to build a team to represent you – including accountants, other attorneys, and experts to help protect your interests.

Big, national firms put your case into a program which may not suit you or fit your problem. In some cases, it can actually make the problem worse. Rather than a temporary solution with potentially lasting consequences, you need a personalized strategy designed to get you the best results.

IRS criminal investigations (CI) receives referrals from  numerous sources. Civil examiners typically look for “badges of fraud.” When they find them during an audit, making a referral to CI is always an option. CI also issues summons to third parties to collect and analyze data. Likewise, the IRS has a whistleblower program for reporting tax crimes. In some cases, taxpayers may report themselves in order to get out ahead of potential criminal prosecution. It’s important to speak with a specialized tax attorney – NOT just your CPA – to determine if your tax issues put you at risk for facing criminal charges.

If you are in this terrible situation, you need to consult with an experienced attorney to assess your risk for joint liability or worse – criminal exposure.

Anyone qualified to represent taxpayers before the IRS can represent you in an audit. However, if problems arise, the service can compel any non-attorney to testify under oath. If you are represented by an attorney, any information you share with them will remain confidential.

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