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We understand the IRS. We know what they look for as they audit, how they gather information, and how they build cases. Tax missteps can have serious consequences – and civil matters can quickly turn into criminal issues. Our dual specialty of civil and criminal tax law allows us to resolve your tax issues and achieve the best possible outcome.  

You can start resolving your tax problems today.

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Civil Tax Law​

Challenged by an audit or tax debt you feel is unfair? We help individuals – from small business owners to the self-employed – resolve tax-related issues fairly. We work to gain a full understanding of your situation, then act on your behalf with the IRS to reach the most favorable outcome possible. 

We work with small business owners, self-employed individuals, and those who have fallen behind on their taxes. We also have experience navigating cases of joint liability and represent those under audit.

Note: If you are facing an audit, there is always a possibility that it can move from the civil arena into the criminal. Having an attorney who has experience in both areas is invaluable.

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Criminal Tax Law

Don’t let the government define you by what you did during your worst moments. We see you differently than the IRS, working without  judgment to help you help yourself. Our unique dual-specialty in civil and criminal tax law allows us to stand with you and seek the most  favorable outcome possible, regardless of the path your case takes.

We represent people who may have committed a chargeable offense and need an advocate to help them achieve the best possible outcome. We use our experience to understand the evidence against you and to challenge any dubious tax loss calculations alleged by the IRS.

Let’s start solving your tax problems today.