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Your tax case is like a puzzle. Let’s solve it together.

If you’re dealing with the IRS, you may feel confused, frustrated, or even fearful – wondering how this could happen to you. Or maybe you know exactly how you got into this situation, but you can’t seem to find a way out on your own.

Taxes are complex, and engaging with the IRS is often incredibly stressful. Between the data points and the narrative, there are too many pieces to fit together on your own.

We focus on defending tax cases – both civil and criminal. We strive to understand the unique circumstances that have brought you to seek the assistance of a tax attorney. Our goal is always to help you through what can be a difficult process while fighting for the best results possible.

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Civil Tax Law​

Challenged by an audit or tax debt you feel is unfair? Has your spouse or business partner concealed information from you that resulted in unexpected tax liabilities? Questioning whether or not you’re in compliance? We help individuals – from small business owners to the self-employed – resolve tax-related issues fairly. We work to gain a full understanding of your situation and act on your behalf with the IRS to reach the most favorable outcome possible.

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Criminal Tax Law

The IRS Criminal Investigation Unit (“CI”) receives referrals from many sources including whistleblowers, civil audit agents, and other law enforcement agencies. You need to consult an attorney if you suspect that you are or may be involved in a CI investigation. If you are visited by a special agent from CI, you absolutely need an attorney. Without judgment, we work with our clients providing the shield of attorney-client privilege. Our unique dual-specialty in civil and criminal tax law allows us to stand with you and seek the most favorable outcome possible – regardless of the path your case takes.

Let’s start solving your tax problems today.