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We don’t go looking for fights. We find solutions.

Tax law is about more than just the statutes and regulations. And it’s definitely not about shouting the loudest or putting on a tough guy act. You can’t bulldoze your way to a good solution.

Successful tax cases are resolved. Good tax attorneys decrease tensions; they don’t create them. We fight for our clients by carefully navigating the process with precision with an understanding of the facts and laws. And when the government gets it wrong, we don’t back down.

Civil Tax Attorneys

Civil tax attorneys specialize in helping clients navigate tax laws and regulations for dispute resolution, representation in tax audits, investigations, and controversies. They work with individuals, businesses, and organizations to resolve a multitude of disputes with the IRS.

Criminal Tax Attorneys

Criminal tax attorneys defend clients accused of tax fraud, evasion, or other related criminal charges. They work to protect their clients’ rights during investigations, and court proceedings and develop strategies to reduce the potential consequences of criminal tax charges.

Nicole Forsythe, J.D., LL.M. takes on both.

Working tax cases on both the civil and criminal sides combines my passion for solving complex tax
problems with my purpose – minimizing government overreach into the lives of private citizens.

My deep knowledge of the laws and procedures and familiarity with the tactics employed by IRS agents and investigators allows me to create defense strategies that secure a realistic, fair, and favorable outcomes for my clients.

This is how I serve you. 

I listen to my clients with compassion, not judgment. Each client’s situation is unique, so I creatively problem-solve with the goal of making molehills of mountains. I will ensure that your rights are respected, and I do so with professionalism, courage, and respect for the law and the process. 

If you’re tired of feeling uncertain or scared and need a serious attorney who will take on your case, not just take your case, put my passion and experience to work for you today.

Contact Forsythe Law Office LLC, and let’s see how can help we together can work through your tax problem.

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