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In the best of times, engaging with the Internal Revenue Service is stressful. Their communication is slow, technical, and procedural. It’s not uncommon to feel afraid, anxious, embarrassed, confused, or even angry as you work to navigate through the demands of the tax enforcement process. You may be struggling to understand what happened, concerned whether you or someone you share liability with has made a misstep, or feel overwhelmed facing an audit, unsure how to respond to notices you’ve received from the IRS. You may also think the IRS is wrong on the law.

That’s where a tax attorney can help. With years of experience working with clients facing similar challenges, our tax attorneys provide compassion, clarity, and expertise every step of the way. We’ll help you understand the tax law, your rights, and your options. We can develop a customized strategy to resolve your tax issues and negotiate on your behalf with the State and Local taxing authorities or with the IRS. 

The most important thing you can do is get ahead of the problem. Forsythe Law Office LLC can provide confidential counsel and advice on getting you into compliance and how to take the next steps toward resolving your tax issues.

We canWe can help you face civil assessments, audits, or other disputes in any of the following areas, and more:help you face criminal charges in any of the following areas:

  • Audits
  • Relief from joint return liability
  • Tax controversy
  • Dischargeability of tax in Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Foreign asset reporting
  • Tax litigation
  • Civil trust fund recovery penalties
  • Tax debt resolution

We Defend

Small Businesses, and Trusts

Involved In

Criminal Investigations & Charges


Missouri & Kansas State and Local Taxing Authorities
& The U.S. Federal Government

How is it helpful to have a tax attorney who practices both criminal and civil tax defense?

When you hire a civil tax attorney with criminal tax law experience you have a representative who can look past the initial issues to identify any traps that could open you up to further issues or even worse, a criminal investigation. You want a knowledgeable representative to do the talking for you as much as possible to ensure a misunderstanding or miscommunication doesn’t escalate into something that presents a far greater challenge.

Why is having an attorney important when facing a civil audit or investigation?

The IRS can be intimidating. It is important to have someone protecting your interests. In some cases, the IRS’s agents and investigators may leave you feeling bullied, frustrated, or even scared. And even more important, the IRS is hiring a record number of new employees who may not have sufficient experience in the tax laws or IRS procedures. You need someone with experience and knowledge looking out for your rights under the law, because the IRS doesn’t always get it right.

As knowledgeable and experienced attorneys, we know how to navigate civil tax investigations. We have a thorough understanding of the complex tax laws, but the legal procedures that the government is required to follow as they pursue an investigation. Your tax attorney protects your legal rights, including your right against self-incrimination, and can ensure that the government remains within the legal limits of the scope of its investigation.

How does Forsythe Law Office LLC work with their clients?

Our job is to make molehills out of mountains. We work to ensure that you understand the status of your matter each step of the way. This begins with an initial investigation where we assess potential strategies. We educate our clients on the laws and procedures that we must follow, and provide an honest assessment of what is and is not possible. But we also understand that each client brings a unique set of circumstances which guides our advocacy. Once we have agreed on a plan of mitigation, we work the plan to then end, keeping our clients updated along the way.

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